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When Innovation is in our DNA
Tuesday, March 20, 2018
The entrepreneurial spirit that defines Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) has been recently manifested through two breakthrough innovations by Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients and JJ-Pun Tiostone.
Introducing JebChem
Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients has launched a new brand of additives, JebChem, fully developed at the JJING Coating Innovation Centre, one of three regional lab-scale innovation centres that the business unveiled in Thailand last September. 
The product line includes defoamers,surface additives and dispersing agents that have been developed to better support customers in producing high quality coating and inks.
Defoamers are essential in preventing the formation of foam during the paint production process and applications. Surface additives like flow, slip and substrate wetting agents help create a smooth film surface while wetting and dispersing additives help to disperse and stabilise dry pigment powders for ideal colour, strength, gloss, viscosity and stability. They are also useful in preventing the sedimentation of particles.
As part of JebChem’s total solution, the team also offers control agents for slip, flow, leveling and dispersants and has the equipment and expertise to help customers prepare and evaluate wet paint and dry film properties.
JebChem is the result of Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients’ commitment to addressing the specific needs of its customers with tailor-made solutions, whether they are based on entirely new concepts or adaptations of existing products using new technologies.
“Before embarking any research and development efforts, we conduct a thorough analysis, assessing the potential for a particular product and how it can best be introduced to the market,” explained Phutthiphong Konsen, Department Manager – Coating and Resin. It was through this meticulous process of ideation, marketing review, careful analysis and research and development that JebChem was borne.

Since JebChem was launched almost a year ago, the team has received consistent positive feedback from the market. Customers across ASEAN have praised the performance of JebChem products and shared how the line of additives has helped them overcome common issues in dealing with coatings, paints and inks.
Introducing DrainerPaver
At JJ-Pun Tiostone in Myanmar, the result of extensive research and development has given rise to the DrainerPaver – a new product that was launched in October 2017. This innovative solution serves to minimise the impact of heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, and is a durable and cost-effective solution for national and municipal authorities as well as architects, designers, builders, contractors and ultimately residents who face frequent flooding.
DrainerPaver is a significant addition to stormwater runoff systems, as it is pervious with a permeable base, which allows water to quickly pass through and flow into the soil. This is unlike standard pavers where water runoff happens through the drainage system. For that reason, DrainerPaver enhances the capacity and speed of runoff systems, especially during heavy rainfall.
Speaking on the motivations behind developing DrainerPaver, General Manager Christian Heugas said, “It is our philosophy to promote modern technologies, systems and products for the construction and urban development sector, and ultimately play a role in Myanmar’s journey to become a modern, developed nation.”
The product started with an initial concept proposed by joint venture partner Tiostone. Intrigued, Mr Heugas led the charge for a comprehensive study to turn the idea into reality, while Factory Manager Soe Min Thu took responsibility for research and development.
It took them four months and several test trials to validate and finalise the mixture, as it proved challenging to develop a solid paver without sand. It was also important that the process, which required the use of the factory’s main manufacturing machine, did not disrupt regular production. The DrainerPaver is not just ‘Made in Myanmar',it is also made from innovation.

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