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Made for ASEAN
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
JJING beat out 700 other exhibitors to take honours for ‘The Most Attractive Booth’ in the Exhibitor Best Design Booth Awards category at FiAsia 2016.
Visitors to FiAsia 2016 (Sep 21-23, Jakarta) were among the first in the region to view and sample some of the latest trends in food technology brought to them by Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients (JJING).
JJING and Muntons, the world’s leading malt producer, showcased products from their newly opened manufacturing facility in Thailand, which has the capability to create straight or compounded malt products using the latest Vacuum Band Dried (VBD) technology.
The joint venture partners also introduced Muntons’ Torrax range of natural malt products, which can be used as a replacement for caramel food colouring. Torrax products are available in several hues, ranging from light brown to dark black, enabling food producers to qualify for a ‘clean label’ that does not have the E numbers associated with caramel colours.
As part of JJING’s participation, Austrian-based Agrana, the world’s largest fruit processing company, also introduced their line of fruit preparation solutions for ASEAN’s ice cream and yoghurt dairy industry.This included a key technology called ‘Fruit on top or Fruit on bottom’, which has been popular in Europe and North America and is expected to be warmly welcomed in South East Asia.

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