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Capturing Opportunities on the Move
Thursday, August 10, 2017
Lend your eyes to the new JJSEE app.
Today, the advent of smartphone technology and mobile applications is revolutionising not just daily life but business as well. And MHE-Demag has conceptualised a new and innovative way to leverage such technology to further its business growth.
In February this year, MHE-Demag unveiled its latest brainchild – the JJSEE app. Developed in-house by the Group’s ITC team, the app encourages colleagues from across the Group to spot and snap potential projects that could require MHE-Demag solutions.These leads are then processed through the Group’s next generation Cloud for Customer (C4C) CRM system before qualified leads are handed off to the respective in-country teams.

With the app, the Group’s large workforce, which is active in many different industry sectors, are transformed into on-the-ground eyes and ears for MHE-Demag.
For their efforts, employees are rewarded with points that can be traded for prizes. The process also encourages critical thinking skills as they are encouraged to search for cross-selling opportunities. An in-app Hall of Fame has also been created to recognise the best-performing users.
“This project aims to enable community-based spotting that utilises technology and proactive input from ground staff. It was created with the intention of complementing our existing cross-selling initiatives. Currently, colleagues from all Regional Business Units can use the app to spot MHE-Demag opportunities. I look forward to having other colleagues join us in this fun and rewarding journey in the near future to expand our business opportunities together,” said Klaus Schilling, Regional Director, Sales & Markets of MHE-Demag.

Vision to Reality

The success of the JJSEE app is the result of combining business with technology, and the collaboration between MHE-Demag and the Group’s ITC team.
The idea stemmed from MHE-Demag’s recognition that there are ‘white spots’ in the marketplace – customers, projects and segments that are unknown and invisible to them.
By sharing its business challenges and leveraging the in-house expertise of the Group’s ITC team, the JJSEE app was designed, tested and launched in a span of three months. “For us, this collaborative project was a very challenging but exciting one. It was critical to look at business requirements and select the right mobile technology and solution. We took advantage of the current hybrid platform technology to build an app that runs well on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, we delivered the latest technology to our users by utilising Google Map Geocoding in our programming,” said Victor Tai, Development Team Lead, ITC.
In addition to generating leads that could lead to the development of new market segments and customer profiles for MHE-Demag, the JJSEE app is also expected to contribute to a repository of valuable industry data.
In the long run, this information may be helpful in assessing the needs of new customers. When combined with external information, the data could also produce important insights for MHE-Demag moving forward. With a culture of innovation and technology as an enabler, the future looks bright.

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