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Planting the Seed of Sustainability
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
A team of 21 volunteers from across Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) ventured into the Central Cardamom protected forest, located in Tatai Leu, Cambodia on November 27, 2016. The trip was organised in partnership with Conservation International, which is the charity partner that the Group has been working with for its Meet a Green Need CSR programme over the past three years.
Conservation International helps communities living in national parks find a way to coexist harmoniously with nature by creating livelihoods with minimal impact to the forest and wildlife. This idea of sustainability resonates with the Group, which led to the collaboration.

For the Tatai Leu community, Conservation International and JJSEA hoped to provide knowledge on eco-tourism to the residents. By equipping them with a variety of eco-tourism and life skills, the partners seek to create a sustainable environment where they could welcome tourists to pursue interests that are normally inaccessible to them — such as trekking, making banana wine and planting agarwood saplings and taro and moringa.
The role of the JJSEA volunteers was to support Conservation International in developing a feasible and attractive eco-tourism tour. Over the course of a week, the volunteers gained many insights into Cambodia’s culture, history and language and had the opportunity to interact with the local community and park rangers.They also participated in a range of other activities designed to protect the forest and the livelihoods of the wonderful people who live there.
Based on what they had experienced and observed, the volunteers were invited to share their thoughts on future eco-tourism projects and marketing plans. Having volunteers from different countries further allowed Conservation International to benefit from different perspectives.
Through this project, Conservation International and JJSEA successfully raised awareness about Tatai Leu’s potential for eco-tourism and guided the community in a sustainable direction. Having interacted with the volunteers, local residents are also more inspired and motivated to protect their home while sharing its beauty with others.

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