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Creating a Regional First
Monday, August 06, 2018
The Menara Astra complex: the third tallest skyscraper in Jakarta.
A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a type of suspended access equipment that is typically installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure. It is an open secret that MHE-Demag is a BMU specialist with a sterling track record that includes many of South East Asia’s iconic buildings. The team recently added Menara Astra in Jakarta, Indonesia to its portfolio with the successful development and deployment of the region’s first full climbing gondola system.
Reaching New Heights The Menara Astra complex is located in the heart of Jakarta and consists of a 51-storey office tower and three prestigious apartment blocks. It is the third tallest skyscraper in the capital city, and one of the most unique structures in the region. The building is topped with a curved facade that rises to meet the sky. It is striking in aesthetics but challenging to engineer a BMU that serves its needs.
The client demonstrated complete faith in MHE-Demag, entrusting this challenge to our team. “The unique roof of Menara Astra is very challenging to develop a building maintenance system for,” explained Karl Tilkorn, Regional Managing Director of MHE-Demag. “It requires a very special track to be customised and installed, and a special stunting card system that is seamlessly integrated into a 3D rail layout.”
For three years, from receiving the project enquiry in 2014 to the successful delivery and handover in 2017, MHE-Demag worked tirelessly to achieve an engineering feat befitting of this architectural marvel.
We designed and installed 550 metres of round track around a complex 3D beam layout covering a floor space of 38-by-56 square ends at the tip of the roof facade at 260 metres above ground.
Innovatively Customised
For this project, 90% of the sections were unique. Each had to be carefully customised and skillfully fitted on site, at heights of 260 metres. Ranging from three to six metres, each track and rack section was tailored to the profile of the building, with different bend profiles, shapes and lengths. These were created in the workshop and welded in place at the specific location they were intended for.
“The maintenance system is completed by a one-of-its-kind automated shunting cart that tilts, travels and self-leveled connects the two different tracks together. The shunting cart system connects the two BMUs that are running on two separate set of tracks, which have a totally different layout and elevation.This design feature allows the BMUs to switch to either side of the tracks to increase uptime and availability to all areas of the facade should one BMU be scheduled for maintenance,” said Mr Tilkorn.
For the entire project, MHE-Demag supplied two units of MHE-Manntech climbing building maintenance system with rack and pinion, tubular track system, one unit of shunting cart for interchangeable building maintenance system, a safety line for every canopy and balcony, and MHE trolley with Chameleon I for the office tower. For the apartments, three units of MHE-Manntech building maintenance system with two telescopic jibs and monorail with Chameleon I cradle were installed.
Our deep expertise and spirit of innovation was recognised not only by the client, but also by the industry. We are delighted to have been honoured for our work on this project at the Singapore Business Review International Business Awards 2018.
MHE-Demag was honoured at the SBR International Business Awards

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