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Celebrating 25-Year Service Milestones
Monday, October 31, 2016
Congratulations to 10 staff across the region on their silver jubilees with the Group.
Misnam Nasar
Warehouse Assistant
Jebsen & Jessen Packaging, Singapore
Celebration held on Dec 17, 2015
Misnam began his career with the company as Cutting Operator in 1990. In 1996, he transferred to be Warehouse Assistant. In his role, he enables the timely flow of stock through the warehouse,monitoring the inbound and outbound movement of goods, while safely and efficiently moving and handling items and keeping accurate stock records. Besides having infinite patience, Misnam is known for his attention to detail. It’s no wonder his colleagues call him a “trustworthy and reliable” team member to work with.
Jackie Lai Yin Phin
Customer Service Executive
Jebsen & Jessen  Packaging, Malaysia
Celebration held on Jan 27, 2016
Even though Jackie started her career as a General Clerk, she was promoted to Customer Service Coordinator just a few years later. She subsequently became Customer Service Executive. Edmund Yeoh, General Manager has praised Jackie as a dedicated and valuable member of the Jebsen & Jessen family. 
Musa Shahar
Production Supervisor
Jebsen & Jessen  Packaging, Malaysia
Celebration held on Jan 27, 2016
Musa Shahar started out as a Warehouse Assistant but just a year later, was promoted to be Assistant Warehouse Supervisor. He continued climbing the ranks, becoming Warehouse Supervisor and, now, Production Supervisor with Jebsen & Jessen Packaging.
Jessie Tan
Indoor Sales & Admin Manager
JJ-Lapp Cable, Singapore
Celebration held on May 6, 2016
Jessie joined Jebsen & Jessen Engineering Singapore as Sales Clerk on May 1, 1991. Since then, she progressed to become Sales Coordinator, Senior Sales Administrator and Customer Service Executive. In 2010, she was promoted to Indoor Sales & Admin Manager, a role that she continues to hold today.
Hendro Sigit Oetomo
Production Group Leader – Section Leader 1
MHE-Demag, Indonesia
Celebration held on May 27, 2016
Hendro started out as a Welder in March 1991. After developing his expertise in the field, he was promoted to Production Group Leader – Section Leader 1. He is widely regarded as a diligent and hardworking person with strong sense of responsibility.
Sutrisno Sukiat
Production Group Leader – Section Leader 1
MHE-Demag, Indonesia
Celebration held on May 27, 2016
Having started his career with MHE-Demag Indonesia as a Welder, Sutrisno was promoted to his current role of Production Group Leader – Section Leader 1 in recognition of his exemplary performance.
Zainul Lutfi
Warehouse Supervisor
MHE-Demag, Indonesia
Celebration held on May 27, 2016
When Zainul joined MHE-Demag Indonesia on June 1, 1991, he held the position of Storeman. Thanks to his positive work attitude and diligence, he was able to secure a promotion to become Warehouse Supervisor.
Said S
Delivery Driver
MHE-Demag, Indonesia
Celebration held on May 27, 2016
Said S started out as the Driver to MHE-Demag Indonesia’s Country Manager on December 3, 1991. He later transferred to his current role as Delivery Driver in Surabaya.
Kanyarat Supruksasakul
Customer Service Officer
Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, Thailand
Celebration held on June 1, 2016
Kanyarat joined the company (then known as Triton) in an administrative role in 1991. She soon moved to customer service. Over the years, she has served all the business departments in Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Thailand and has handled all types of customer orders. She currently supports the Coating and Resin Department as Customer Service Officer. The Coating and Resin team, as well as all the business departments who have worked with her, deeply appreciate her contributions and support over the past 25 years.
Somsak Nongniyom
Delivery Driver
Jebsen & Jessen Business Services, Thailand
Celebration held on June 17, 2016
Somsak celebrated his 25-year anniversary in the company of colleagues, Thailand’s Executive Management team and JJSEA Executive Board Member Alex Chan. As a delivery driver, Somsak picks up and delivers goods at prearranged times and places all around Bangkok. His easygoing nature belies a strong sense of duty, which has inspired his supervisor to say: "He loves his job and it shows everyday"

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