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A Revolutionary Way to Move
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
MHE-Demag’s launch of the V-type crane heralds a new chapter for the company and its customers.
MHE-Demag has transformed the conventional box girder crane concept with a new generation of crane girders that was innovated by Demag Cranes and Components GmbH. Called the V-type crane, it was unveiled at a launch event in Thailand on November 24, 2017.
About 100 customers attended the event to learn more about the V-type crane as well as other products such as the new Demag DMR modular rope hoist, KBK, jib crane, dock leveller and warehouse trucks. They also learnt about MHE-Demag’s new Surveying Service and how they could benefit from its safe, accurate, and reliable Laser Measuring System.
With the V-type crane promising higher performance and efficiency at all levels, it has already caught the eye of a customer. Philippine Spring Water Resources (PSWRI), a market leader in bottled water, has become the first in South East Asia to commission a V-type crane. This is part of expansion plans for its 2.5-hectare site in Cebu City. The order also includes 54 units of diesel forklifts — a significant jump from the customer’s 2016 order of 23 units, and MHE-Demag’s single largest order in the region.

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