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Innovating for Growth
Friday, November 24, 2017
JJ-Lapp Cable is gradually but steadily moving from being a simple cable provider to a total solutions provider. This is a strategic move that is crucial in supporting the long-term growth of the business and one that is built on a foundation of continued innovation. An excellent example comes from Thailand, where the team led by Account Executive Anatchasorn Onthongkam leveraged their engineering technology and spirit of innovation to create value for an important customer.

Identifying Opportunities
In November 2016, the JJ-Lapp Cable team in Bangkok encountered a customer with a problem. They immediately saw this as a great opportunity to add value.

The customer in question was Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group, one of the largest sugar manufacturers in Thailand. The customer was facing an issue with its cable carrier system for a sugarcane harvester — maintenance of the old and heavily-used system was time consuming and costly. This was in part due to the fact that dust from the crane was easily trapped in the trolley, causing damage to the cable and bearings.

The team reviewed the possible solutions to determine the most ideal solution. They concluded that using a cable chain instead of a cable carrier system would be the best way forward. This would save space as a cable chain system could fit under the trolley unlike a cable carrier system, which requires extra space beside the trolley way. The team was also confident that this would reduce cable damage and therefore maintenance cost in the long run.

Resolving Challenges
While certain of the benefits of their proposal, the team understood that the main challenge was installing a 34cm cable chain in a tiny space. The height of the machine to the floor is six metres — regarded as a narrow space for such an application.

To overcome this challenge, it was imperative that the team went beyond the role of a supplier. They worked closely with the customer, from design and installation through to commissioning. The team also educated the customer on proper maintenance procedures to keep the system running in tip-top condition.

Building a Reputation
The customer is satisfied with the new system and has praised JJ-Lapp Cable’s total solution approach for providing greater reliability and lower costs in the long run. The success of the project has spread through word-of-mouth within the sugar industry in Thailand, adding to the business’s sterling reputation in the market.

Bolstered by this success, the team will continue to shift its focus from selling products to developing total solutions, so as to better serve customers and deliver greater value.

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